ClimbZone Hosts a STEM Project Field Trip

On September 20, these 100 7th graders from Central Middle School in Anne Arundel County, Maryland enjoyed a fun filled, educational experience at ClimbZone in Laurel, Maryland. They timed their climbs and tested their how quickly they could climb in order to rate the difficulties of the walls. They learned about hydraulics and pulleys. The biggest concern for ClimbZone is they might be after our jobs as they assessed the current themes and dreamed up design ideas from current social studies topics (an area they have recently studied.) They will present their work to teachers and then it will be 3D printed. The top designs will be presented to our design team which will then award the top three teams! So awesome what can be learned from real situations and how interesting education can be these days. Contact our group manager via email if your school would like the STEM project details and to schedule a group. stem-1


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