Frequently asked Questions

I've never climbed before. Do you cater for beginners and what else do I need to know?
All climbers receive a short orientation session covering safety and belaying. We have over 70 different indoor climbs that have been built for every level of ability.
What is auto-belaying?
In a traditional climbing gym, a guest would need to be belayed by a friend or an instructor to ensure the climber comes down off the wall in a controlled and safe manner. We on the other hand utilize a state-of-the-art; hydraulic automatic belay systems which eliminate the need for a human belayer and enable even the youngest of guests to take personal control of their own climbing. The automatic belay takes in as your child climbs and lowers them to the ground gently once they reach their limit. While our system does provide our youngest guests with a level of freedom, active adult supervision is required for any child under the age of 12 to climb.
What should I wear to climb?
Wear comfortable clothes that allow a free range of movement. Shoes are required to be worn (sneakers are ideal). Hooded sweatshirts are not suitable to wear while climbing. Climbing shoes are not allowed to be worn while climbing our walls as they will damage our surfaces.
Is there a weight restriction?
Yes. Our auto-belay system can handle a maximum weight of 275 lbs.
Are there age restrictions?
While ClimbZone offers a thrilling experience for climbers of all ages and ability levels, you must be at least two (2) years of age to climb. Active adult supervision is required for any child under the age of 12 to climb.
What if I don't own any climbing equipment?
Not a problem. We provide all of the necessary equipment required to climb our walls. In fact, all guests are required to wear our harnesses when they climb (NO exceptions can be made).
Is there a charge for spectators?
No. Spectators and helpers are admitted for free.
Does climbing provide a good workout?
Climbing is one of the best workouts around. You'll build strength and flexibility while burning calories. Because you are pulling and pushing your own body weight, you gain strength in a natural, healthy way. Plus it's easy to stay motivated because climbing is so much fun!
What types of payment do you accept at ClimbZone?
We accept cash and all major credit cards.
Do we need to make a booking?
Reservations are HIGHLY recommended for weekends and any school holidays and can be completed using our online booking tool. To cancel a reservation and receive a full refund it must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. Our site is protected with SSL but you do not see the https:// because we have embedded the code for the widget being used directly onto our site. Whenever a ClimbZone guest processes a payment via our online reservation system, their credit card information is as secure as possible.
Do you have food and drinks available?
Yes, pre-packaged snack foods are available to purchase onsite. As well as hot and cold drinks.
Can I come into the facility and reserve a group of tables to use for my own party without renting one of your party spaces?
No. The use of the tables in the Café area is on a first come, first serve basis and due to the limited number of tables that we provide, guests are limited to the use of one (1) table. Only the chairs associated to that table are able to used. The use of the Café tables will also coincide with your three (3) hour limit for use of the facility. The holding of tables for a reservation that begins at a later time is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed. Please understand we have a limited number of tables in our Café area which all guests should be able to use. Be considerate of the other guests and move your belongings to the cubbies. 
Where can I park?
We are located in an office park so our parking lot is shared with other businesses. On all WEEKDAYS, any spot that is not marked with either signs or with colored (Either Pink or Blue) paint are available for your use. If there is colored paint marking the lines, that spot is reserved for another business in our building and your car may be towed by those businesses. Also, the building with an address of 13230 which houses the Metropolitan Moving & Storage company MAY NOT BE USED ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. They have placed signs at the opening to their lot which clearly states that your car will be towed if parked there and they will indeed follow through on their threat. Parking is allowed on Mid Atlantic Boulevard from our driveway toward the cul-de-sac and within the cul-de-sac itself. There is also parking available at the rear of our facility in any of the lined spaces. If you are unsure if your car is parked in an illegal space, please ask our staff as you enter the facility and they can advise you on a area to safely park your vehicle. Parking for Groups Groups coming in buses should direct their driver to the rear of the facility and park near our rear entrance which is marked with an awning and ClimbZone signage. Then the group leader should walk around the building to alert our staff of your arrival. We will then have your group enter the facility through the rear entrance. At the time of your departure, we will escort your group to our rear entrance where everyone can safely board the bus. At no time should the bus (or buses) that are providing your transportation be parked at our main entrance in the front of the building.
Is there a place to eat inside if you bring a picnic lunch?
Yes. We have tables and chairs inside the center so feel free to bring refreshments and snacks.
Do you offer a Military and First Responders discount?
Yes, we do offer a discount to our friends in the military and those who are a member of the police, fire departments and EMS. In order to receive the discount, you must:
  1. Be an active or retired member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard (or spouse or child) with a valid ID.
  2. Make a reservation online using our convenient booking tool at the full price.
  3. Because we must validate your ID to provide the discount, on the day of your event at check-in please inform the Instructor that you have a valid ID and will need to have a refund of the difference processed. The manager on duty at that time will validate your ID and process the appropriate refund.
  4. The discount applies to all members and their families only.
  5. The discount only applies to general reservations and not for birthday parties.
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